Photo taken at the gallery of Levi Mahan, Seagrove North Carolina

Meet Christine

The Potter, Creator, and Designer behind Schnortzy's Pottery

I am a small scale potter living in Komoka, Ontario. I create functional pottery. I love animals, I love nature and I love creating pots that make people smile. I love a bit of quirky and I love imperfect perfection.

Keep it real and just be. ♥

Artist Statement

Love spelled on tree trunk

“My journey with clay is much like the wooded trails I frequently explore. These trails have shown me beauty, colours, and textures. They have taught me patience. They have given me joy and creativity. Most importantly I have been given a sense of self. I have learned to slow down, open my eyes, open my mind and absorb the natural beauty that surrounds me and taking inspiration from it.”

The Story of Schnortzy's Pottery

Schnortzy’s Pottery gets its name from the nickname my father gave to me. To preserve the name and the memory of my dear father I have chosen to have it live on forever in my creations.

Christine with her dad and sis